Established in December 1989 at No. 533, Tzuli 2nd St., Wuchi Town, Taichung County, Taiwan (Kuan Lien Industrial Area), we handle metal forgings and adhere to ISO9001:2000 QC standards to enhance competitiveness and product quality. Continually upgrading corporate efficiencies is key to sustainable business. Featuring four 650-ton forging facilities with progressive dies for fully automated production, we became ISO9001:2000 certified in August 2004. We supply forgings; and manufacture and process parts for autos/motorcycles, machinery, bicycles, hardware items, and tools. In recent years, our main products are auto airbag parts. We prioritize product quality and on-time delivery, enabling customers to fully trust us.

Production facilities:

Forging machine tools:
Toggle-type punch press KP-1200 ( Chin Fong ) 1 Unit
Toggle-type punch press KT-650 ( Chin Fong ) 4 Units
Toggle-type punch press KP-400 ( Chin Fong ) 5 Units
C-shaped single-crank punch press OCP-200 ( Chin Fong ) 2 Units
C-shaped single-crank punch press OCP-110 ( Chin Fong ) 4 Units
Heat-treatment tools:
Crucible-type annealing ( spheroidizing ) furnace SY-835-2 ( San Yung ) 1 Set
Crucible-type annealing ( spheroidizing ) furnace SY-835 ( San Yung ) 1 Set
Cutting tools:
Coil cutting & forming machine PF-600T ( Kuei Chuan ) 1 Unit
Coil cutter RF-550I ( Kuei Chuan ) 1 Unit
Automated steel bar cutter RF-550I ( Kuei Chuan ) 1 Unit

Company information

Number of Total Employees: 30
Year Established: 1989
Total Annual Sales ( USD ): 4 million
Export Market: Global, Europe, Mainland China, Central & South America
Capital ( USD ): 3 million
Business Type: Manufacturer
Approvals/Certifications: ISO 9001:2000